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ShopSite Developer

Los Angeles Web Design is a certified ShopSite Developer. We are the most qualified, top Los Angeles web design company to design, develop and customize your ShopSite shopping cart. All work is done in-house and in Los Angeles, we never outsource overseas. This avoids all the common pitfalls and unexpected risks of dealing with foreign programming teams and ensures quality control and a better finished website.

Who is ShopSite?

ShopSite, Inc. is the producer of ShopSite electronic commerce software for the small-to-medium-sized business. Their three primary products are ShopSite Pro, ShopSite Manager and ShopSite Starter (see comparison). Thousands of merchants are running this easy-to-use and powerful shopping cart software.

ShopSite, Inc. was founded in 1996 and has consistently been the innovator of new features for e-commerce products, such as the Store Setup Wizard, Digital Coupons, Associates, Inventory Tracking, and many others. ShopSite is often copied, but no other product can match their unique combination of powerful features and ease-of-use!

Why choose ShopSite as your shopping cart?


  1. ShopSite is open to custom programming. Unlike limited proprietary and closed shopping carts, ShopSite can be customized to fit almost any small to medium size business website needs.
  2. ShopSite is PCI compliant and secure The ShopSite e-commerce software has been certified to be PCI-DSS compliant and has passed the Payment Application Best Practices (PABP) security standards requirements. What does this mean? It means ShopSite is a secure e-commerce application that passes the highest security standards, allowing merchants to be PCI compliant when using this software.
  3. ShopSite is mobile and tablet friendly The ShopSite e-commerce software can be designed using responsive design so you website graphically designed web pages will look great on any device type. Los Angeles Web Design will design your site the way you want it to look like unlike those website solutions where you have limited designs to choose from.
  4. ShopSite creates fast loading static html pages Since ShopSite creates static html files, this makes the website's pages very SEO friendly, as well as allowing for very fast page load times for visitors. Having thousands of products in your store or many products listed per page will not slow down a customer's experience while browsing the website. The SEO benefits of static html pages translates into higher page rank and better indexing.
  5. Abundant features to make your store successful
  6. ShopSite has the most features and options to make your store a success. From gift certificates to coupons, digital downloads to reward programs. ShopSite is continually improving and adding the features merchants want and need.


Examples of custom built systems integration modules:

  • Order Management software interface
  • Create a customer feedback form
  • Custom Tax system for calculating tax rates
  • Custom Shipping system for calculating shipping costs
  • Custom Inventory Tracking interface for tracking and updating product inventory in ShopSite.
  • Integration with existing third-party applications
  • Integrate orders with order fulfillment


You may also be interested in having our team develop custom applications for the following:

  1. Downloading ShopSite orders in XML format, which can then be easily converted to import the order data into third party applications.
  2. Integration of a QuickBooks Order Transfer module, which will download and import ShopSite orders into the QuickBooks program.
  3. Programs to automatically upload and download store product and page data in XML format, and regenerate ShopSite content. This is an easy way to combine ShopSite with an inventory control system, or to manage multiple ShopSite stores from a single location.


These are just some of the custom development we can provide for ShopSite clients. For more details and to discuss your project Contact Us.